Aaliyah - Try Again

» Give me three words and I will transform them into a custom open for your character!
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» Reblog if you are a roleplayer who totally understands that sometimes threads are dull, and you don’t mind if people want to drop them simply because it isn’t working for them.


You are good at something, stop lying to yourself. You’re good at breaking down comic book plots, cooking ramen perfectly, making your friends happy, knowing the time without looking at a clock, getting the perfect ending at RPG’s, or figuring out the twist ending to movies. Don’t let society tell you your talents are meaningless because they don’t serve an economical purpose. Your talents reflect your interests and passions, and what’s important to you is important.

Me: Constantly follows RPers I have no idea how to interact with
» Even if it may seem I only rp with a few certain people


I am always open to rp with anyone else. Don’t be afraid to come ask me, or just jump into one of my open posts.



03/18: Happy Birthday Kisame! I did some expressions practice instead of the naked pin-up I planned. Oh well.

» [ a tip for RPers! ]

if you add /chrono to the end of a tag, you can view that tag in chronological order. ie “.com/tagged/jinx/chrono”

this is useful when you want to read a tagged thread in order and not have to scroll backwards. enjoy!